CNC Machining of Female Steel Crimp Assembly
for the Fluid Transfer Industry

When a client in Florida contacted Kilgore Manufacturing Company, Inc. to produce a steel female crimp assembly for use within a high-pressure fluid transfer application, Kilgore not only had the immediate and necessary means for planning and execution, but a lengthy and proven track-record in CNC turning, bending, and assembly of such types of parts for various “high-pressure” systems

Following the client’s own blueprint as well as confecting its own 2D CAD drawing specifications, Kilgore set to work on producing the various steel parts. For the CNC turning process, we used a Mori Seiki Frontier L2 lathe and an Okuma LB3000 lathe to manufacture the machine insert as well as the adjoining nut, employing 12L14 steel and 1144 steel respectively. After bending and crimping, the resulting dimensions of each part measured an overall 5.733″, featuring tightest tolerances of ±.0039″ and an estimated weight of .62 lbs.

Secondary processes included saw cutting, annealing, crimping and trivalent zinc plating with clear chromate. The project came off smoothly and precisely with 500 units produced. For more information on Kilgore, contact us today or continue to browse our website.