Automated Production Machining Cells

Integrating automation into the production process through the use of robotics helps achieve cost-efficient, consistent machining results. The past few decades have brought significant advances in programmable controllers, motion control capabilities, and CAD software. These powerful technologies have rendered automation more accessible than ever—and their capabilities stand to benefit operations of all sizes.

Automation offers an ideal solution for finishing cuts after the heat treating process. Any operation that requires machines to run for several hours also stands to benefit from automated processes.



There are numerous benefits to be found through automating production processes, such as:

  • Automated work creates consistent and dependable results no matter the operating conditions.
  • Output and productivity improve following the implementation of automation. Users of automated machine tools can anticipate machine uptime more than 85% of the available time.
  • Automation eliminates a number of potentially negative variables during production. Controlled processes aren’t subject to time-consuming issues like operator preferences.
  • Worker safety regularly improves after automation has been implemented. Worker injuries decline in frequency when problems like part weight and operator fatigue are removed from the production process.
  • Automated machining allows for as few human hands to come into contact with the workpiece as possible, which minimizes setup time and lowers the risk of human error.
  • Many of the consequences of labor shortages are mitigated.

Regardless of why you opt to automate your machinery, making a forward-thinking decision toward automation now will benefit your organization for years to come. Automation technology is ever-evolving and continues to advance at a rapid pace. Leveraging these tools now better prepares your operation for future demand.

Industries Served

We serve clients in a wide variety of industries. Automation typically makes the production process easier regardless of what’s being created, so the technology can be applied in a vast number of applications. Whether you’re building small, large, complex, or simple parts, an automated process means improved reliability, higher output, and safer workers.

At Kilgore, we’re proud to partner with manufacturing professionals who specialize in providing a wide range of critical services, including sectors such as:

  • Defense/military
  • Medical
  • Aerospace/avionics
  • Energy
  • Electronic enclosures
  • Shipping
  • Marine
  • Industrial
  • Custom projects

We leverage our own comprehensive manufacturing knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to provide our clients the benefit of our experience and foresight when developing custom solutions. Alongside a commitment to accelerating production, improving quality, and reducing operating costs, we utilize powerful and intelligent systems to enhance your revenue streams and provide immediate return on investment. We are dedicated to principles such as continuous improvement and innovation, allowing us to craft solutions that address the immediate needs of our clients while considering the potential for future upgrades.

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