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CNC Swiss Machining of Brass Spool Valve for the High Pressure Gases Industry

Drawing on our renowned CNC Swiss machining expertise, we were more than able to meet the high expectations of our Ohio-based client in developing a brass spool valve to be used within a high pressure application. By training our Citizen M32 Swiss-style lathe on each piece of 360 brass, then by inserting corresponding grooves as per the print and drilling Ø.128" holes, we soon achieved a finalized component of 3.21" in length and .244" in, O.D. with tightest tolerances reaching ±.001". Finishing each piece with Brite Dip, we've thus far constructed over 30,400 such brass spool valves to date for the Ohio high pressure gases industry. For more information on Kilgore Manufacturing Company, Inc. and our CNC Swiss machining services, contact us today or continue to browse our website.

3D Model of Brass Spool Valve
3D Model of Brass Spool Valve

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Brass Spool Valve Specifications

Product Description
This Brass Spool Valve is used within a high pressure application.
Capabilities Applied / Processes
CNC Swiss Machining
  • Machine Complete
    • Groove Part As Per Print
    • Drill Ø.128" Hole Thru
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Citizen M32 Swiss Style Lathe
Overall Part Dimensions
Raw Material:
O.D.: Ø3/8"
Finished Component:
Length: 3.21"
O.D.: Ø.244"
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
360 Brass
Max Surface Finish
16 RMS
Material Finish
Brite Dip
In process testing / inspection performed
Inspect Part 100% Per Print
30,400 to Date
Standards Met
Customer supplied print and 3D Solid or Surface model.
Industry for Use
High Pressure Gases
Delivery Location

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