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CNC Milling of Aluminum Chassis for a Personal Rescue Device

A customer that makes personal rescue devices approached Kilgore to 5-Axis CNC machine 50 aluminum chassis. We first CNC milled the 14.734" long, 8.649" wide and 2.641" high component using our Hass VF-4SS machine, which featured 1,000 PSI thru spindle coolant and a TR210 trunnion, which provided the necessary 5-Axis simultaneous motion and positioning.

After each of the 3.5 lbs, 6061 aluminum chassis were milled, they were polished and anodized to MIL-A8625 type II, class 1 specifications. During the entire process, the experts at Kilgore were able to hold tightest tolerances of ±.001".

For more information about this CNC machining, project please see the details below. To learn about our other services, please contact Kilgore.

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Aluminum Chassis Specifications

Product Description
This CNC machined chassis is used within a personal rescue device.
Capabilities Applied / Processes
CNC Milling
  • Mill Contour
  • Pocket
  • Drill & Tap
  • Countersinking
Secondary Operations:
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Haas VF-4SS
  • 1,000 PSI Thru Spindle Coolant
  • TR210 Trunnion Providing 5-Axis Simultaneous Motion and/or Positioning
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 14.734"
Width: 8.649"
Height: 2.641"
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
6061 Aluminum
Material Finish
Clear Anodize Per MIL-A8625 Type II Class 1
In process testing / inspection performed
Pre-Inspection Before Polishing
Inspect Part 100% Per Print
Estimated Part Weight
3.5 lbs
50 Pieces
Standards Met
Customer supplied print, & 3D Solid Model
Industry for Use
Personal Rescue Device
Delivery Location
World Wide

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